I grew up not quite in the middle of nowhere, but really about as close as you can get.

It was Saskatchewan in the mid-80s, and my mullet, asthma, and allergies were in full effect - you know, perfect for a kid on an isolated farm surrounded by animals and pollen. I had to stay indoors a lot, no doubt due to my formidable physical prowess, and somewhere between getting teased by my siblings and putting on sock puppet shows, I learned to read and write at a fairly young age. Since there wasn't much else to do, I basically just kept going.


I started piano lessons at seven, drums at 12, and even played tenor sax for a while in the school band. When that failed to sufficiently impress the ladies, I decided to move on up to the holy grail of musicianship, the guitar.

By this time I had moved to the Calgary area and was adapting well to being able to properly breathe. I used this newfound air to write songs and practice scales, and for a while I even lived in Vancouver, trying to grow my beard and incorporate that into my songwriting...somehow. In the meantime, I studied linguistics in university and started developing my musical style - to be different and engaging with meter, rhyme patterns, and lyrical content. Since I'm always playing solo, I tend to use open tunings and layer little derivations into the music I write. 

After coming back to Calgary in 2012, I started playing bass with some buds in the Celtic/alt-rock project Crack The Lens, which has hit stages around western Canada in the last few years. It's been fun, I've learned a lot,
and it's a great outlet for the days when I just want to play loudly.


Loud in volume and strap flair.


So now, here I am. I play a lot of acoustic guitar, influenced by people and bands from all over the place: Jon Gomm and The Tragically Hip, blink-182 and Dan Mangan, Pink Floyd and Death Cab. I try to learn new things whenever I can,  constantly improve, and pick up a bunch of cover songs along the way. 

I could write a million more words about me, but there's been enough of those already.
Come out to a show sometime and I’ll ask about you instead.

Pink guitar not guaranteed.